Month: June 2016


full on running on empty lost in whats the difference between in love and obsessed wonder now is there time for what is left in between commitment and the rest should i confess peel the heart from my chest double down on all bets or continue to repress ashamed in silent protest fill this void with emptiness she stole the warmth from the sun and joy from the sky she is cascading beauty an avalanche that sweeps the landscape and i am the mountain i remember her touch and long for the winter to return
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afloat on a cloud absent of sound the faster i climb the quicker the silence grows loud its just the wind rushing past now a swan dive into the emptiness past the cliffs breaking the surface deepest in the caverns of the darkest abyss locked in a gaze with this is order to chaos as love is to an anarchist pipebombs and shrapnel sealed with a kiss
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standards of time

it takes awhile longer than you'd think longer than a minute less than a lifetime but soon enough you too will forget what's worth remembering it too will be... left on the soft shoulder along the interstate or a country road carelessly tossed out of a window from a passing vehicle whose make and model is undetermined cause its not important to the storyline and low and beyond neither are you blurred through constant motion and forever travelling an endless distance bound by a stretch of time or length of road or as you see fit by any other means its just as wel...
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