Author: rmatlack


i might be on the take for fancy flight indulge upon the pen that gave it’s slender edge of paper rule and margin ledge the tongue that slipped troubled and slow into the darkness that consumes every living soul to write and with pen as sword to writ.
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graced, by her presence

twas not i but she who tore the bark and green from tree stole sand and salt sky wind and sea twas not i but you can blame me. idle i was shook, as one could as fury unbound wrecked through all that once stood not fear from the nave nor screams of the brave could unravel my demons so all were saved for that you can blame me.
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it is I for you.

love is, more than a chemical reaction a captured glimpse, or fatal attraction it's more than the sum of any computation the answer to the most complex equation clung to life’s script, a delicate drip accumulate as words fling from my fingertip these are things we sometimes forget when our woven lives are perfectly fit this is the only truth, it is I for you forever I love you  
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